Our Rescue Puppy!

Addy/Addison – named as an addition to our family!  We rescued him from the pound at 3 months..a Labrabull – mostly black lab and a bit of Pitbull … only in his white markings!  He is so intelligent!  Here is before and after… 3 months and 7 months!!


Addy at the VET……


Constant always


We get lost

helping and finding people.

Maybe, because it’s easier

than finding yourself.

On the other hand

you may have found yourself

and realize

all you have is

to give.

And all the others

to take.

That is all they know.

You find yourself

not knowing.

Closing your eyes at night

so you can sleep

you give.

And give.

Unable to take.

No where to go.


And so

you swear off your lessons

and do as you always


what makes you feel right.

you give

you sleep

to all a good night.

Hindsight No More

They come

And, they go

Only then – you will know.

That giving because you can

Without stings attached

Leads you down a dark path.

For when you ask for help

Reciprocity, you think

It’s only then your heart – it will melt

Time and time again

Really?  You call them a friend?

That is the reality that hurts so much

everyone you thought you could trust

Only using you because you are kind

Wishing your life you could rewind.

Be strong

Live life for you

Watch what others do

Don’t give or take

Observe life,

Make a life you create!

Pool Is Open

I can’t float.
I can’t swin.
My body is full of water.
You dive in
such poise and confidence
and I watch you.
You can float.
You can swim.
Yet, you step out
from the world I provide
to the world you live in.
I know you will be back –
my body, it refreshes you
it reminds you of youth
of freedom and
what you can be.
Another day, you return
deep in thought –
you share your mind with me and
you open up.
I listen to your thoughts.
I feel your turmoil.
I see your determination.
I watch as you push hard
to the other side.
It’s as clear as I am 
you should spend more time
deep inside of me –
until you need air.
I wonder if the air you breath
hurts you 
when you are so happy 
in my body of water?
I cry and I refill my loss –
until you come again.
In here you are all mine
out there
you are their’s.
Swim in me. 

Simple Serendipity

It is the little things

that define greatness.



Time to find happiness

in what I have

not sorrow

in what I don’t.

For me, the lessons I’ve learned

the hurt so deep

simply, cannot compare

to the love I feel.

The future I now hold

and life I have to live –


Happiness Reborn

I’ve been at a crossroads

in my life.

I’ve been double-crossed.

Today, as I write this

And as I have always believed, inside

The directions to where

I go from here

Will lead me to a happy place.

A life I want-

A man I need.

A future filled with light

Where darkness once lived.

All that I see –

Is clear

Is brighter.

And, I am glowing again.

I have found love

In the truest form.

I am whole again.